Even as a young child I loved reading stories about Vikings and other medieval warriors fighting to defend their homeland or raiding in distant lands. I could often be found running around outside with nothing other than a wooden sword and my imagination. An imagination aided by reading a lot.

My mother used to take my brother and I to our local library and I would run around excited by all the books as I eagerly tried to find my new adventure. Through the years my tastes have changed and soon I was fascinated by writers such as Bernard Cornwall, Simon Scarrow, Conn Iggulden and many more. The medieval period became my favourite and I enjoyed learning about life in the so-called Dark Ages.
I was born in South Africa, but raised in England. An English tutor working and living in Russia, I have been a fanatic reader of historical fiction for most of my life. I have spent years travelling around Norway, learning much about its history and falling in love with its scenery. When I am not teaching or writing, I can be found reading, watching rugby or working on DIY projects. My debut novel, Son of Anger, comes from a fascination of medieval history and an over-active imagination.