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The Charlemagne's Cross Series


Two kingdoms destined for war. One boy caught in the eye of the storm...

'Donovan Cook’s Charlemagne’s Cross series has everything I look for in a tale of the Dark Ages. Adventure and gritty action set against the backdrop of clashing religions and the collision of kingdoms. Great stuff!' - Matthew Harffy

'A fabulous Norse tale of family secrets, betrayal and conflict right up until the very last page - I loved it!'- MJ Porter

'An action-packed scintillating thriller. Pacy, raw, violent fayre, with a cast of characters you'll swiftly loathe or admire - you'll think you're in the shield wall' - Ross Greenwood

Francia AD853
After a failed Viking raid on the Frankish coast over 20-years-ago, Jarl Sven the Boar is forced to leave his only son, Torkel, as a hostage and warned never to raid Francia again or his son will die.

In Hügelburg, a small town in East Francia, Torkel and his 9-year-old son Charles are ambushed at home.
Before dying, Torkel thrusts a package into young Charles’s hands and tells him to flee Francia for Denmark in search of his grandfather Sven the Boar’s protection.

But the man Charles eventually finds is not who he expects, and Charles must put his fate in the hands of a man betrayed by Odin.

Together they must uncover the significance of the package and why the Kings of Francia want Charles dead.

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A king, old and frail.
A challenger filled with vengeance. A kingdom's fate at stake.

Sven the Boar is Jarl of Ribe once more. He and Charles try to settle into their new lives, but trouble and treachery are never too far away.

Tormented by recent events, Charles struggles to adapt to life amongst the heathens that mock his Christian God and the arrival of a priest from the south only makes things worse. Meanwhile, Sven is burdened with the responsibilities of being Jarl again and protecting his grandson from those hunting him.

When forced into an alliance with King Horik’s nephew who is raising an army to challenge his uncle for the throne of Denmark, Sven makes an important decision.

As the threat of war becomes real, Sven rides to fight a battle that will change the destiny of Denmark.

But whilst he fights, will Charles remain safe or are other games in play that threaten him?

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A kingdom without a crown.
A boy forsaken by his God.
A warrior bent on revenge.

After the bloody Battle of Jelling, Denmark’s throne lies empty and chaos reigns as Jarls jostle for power.

Sven survives the bloodshed only to return home to find Ribe sacked by those he trusted and Charles, a pawn in a much bigger political game, kidnapped.

Consumed by the loss of Charles, Sven is shocked by the arrival of the Abbess Hildegard, daughter of his nemesis King Louis of East Francia, who seeks the whereabouts of Charles, her son, and also the cross of Charlemagne.

But whilst others want revenge for the chaos Sven has caused, Denmark burns and Sven must stand in the shield wall one more time if he is to survive and rescue his grandson.

Outnumbered and outmaneuvered, Sven and Charles must put their fate in the hands of the gods if they ever want to see each other again.

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Abandoned by his people and destined for Valhalla, do not stand in the way of his fury.

Ribe is lost, its hall burnt, and Charles is still missing. Sven must once more sail into dangerous waters to rescue his grandson.

King Louis of East Francia, the man who took Sven’s son from him almost twenty years ago, has Charles captive and uses him to force Sven to do his bidding and create chaos raiding his brothers Kingdom of West Frankia.

The long awaited meeting of Charles and his mother, Abbess Hildegard, is not what Charles dreamed it would be and soon it becomes clear that Charles is in even more danger. Torn between the heathen gods and his Christian god, Charles must decide where his future lies.

Sven must fight if he wants to see Charles again and keep the Cross of Charlemagne out of the hands of the Frankish kings. The only thing that Sven knows is that to save Charles, innocent people must die.


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