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Book 2 of the Charlemagne's Cross Series
A battle for the destiny of Denmark
My Books
My Books

Ormstunga Saga

Son of Anger

Raid of the Wolves

Chaos of the Gods

The Charlemagne's Cross Series

Odin's Betrayal

Loki's Deceit

My Story

Donovan Cook is the author of the well-received Ormstunga Saga series which combines fast-paced narrative with meticulously researched history of the Viking world, and is inspired by his interest in Norse Mythology. His first novel, Son of Anger, was published in 2020, which follows the journey of Ulf Bear-Slayer as he seeks to avenge his family’s deaths, and has since written two more books in the Ormstunga Saga series.


Donovan was born in South Africa but raised in England, where his fascination with Medieval History, especially the Vikings and Norse Mythology, took root. In his free time, Donovan loves to read, watch rugby, and go for walks with his wife and their French Bulldog, Joey.


In 2022, Donovan signed a four-book contract with Boldwood and the first novel of his new series, Odin's Betrayal, was published in April 2023.


A Gripping Brutal Adventure

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Odin's Betrayal

Runes at the famous Rök runestone, Sweden_edited_edited.jpg
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Check out the amazing cover for my new novel, Loki's Deceit! This is the second novel of the Charlemagne's Cross series which comes out on the 22nd September 2023.

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